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Recorder Group

MUS003 - Music Curriculum: Recorder Group

The Recorder Group is anxious to recruit another bass recorder player. You should be at intermediate level and not a beginner in order to join an established ensemble. Please contact the Office on 9821 0282 ir you, or someone you know, might be interested.

The word recorder evokes in many people the memory of the strident sound of descant recorders played by primary school students.

Let us help you to overcome this impression! Here is a short video of the U3A Hawthorn Recorder Ensemble in concert on 21 June 2015.

The Recorder Family of Instruments

The descant, or soprano, is only one member of a family of recorders which is comprised of eight instruments ranging from the tiny garklein to the large concert tenor which resembles a huge pepper mill!

The soprano, alto, tenor and bass recorders are those most used in social consorts.

The recorder, in all it's guises, is very popular in England, Europe, United States, Japan and Canada and is considered a solo instrument as well as part of a consort.

The repertoire is equally wide; from early music to Palestrina and Purcell in the Renaissance to Telemann, Bach and Handel in the 17th century, to jazz and ragtime - arranged and written by current musicians such as Bonsor and Victorian composer/arranger Peter Madge.

U3A therefore, being a teaching entity, offers an opportunity to those with or without musical experience to learn to play, read music and, with some theory, to realize the enormous pleasure of playing with a group of like-minded people.

Group playing is not about public performance per se but learning to play harmoniously with others under a conductor. This, when successfully achieved, engenders a feeling of esprit de corps and can open up new avenues of musical endeavour to explore.