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Summer School 2015
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Our Early Days

The Second Readman Lecture

Cliff Picton, Meg Adams and Mary Marshall - member No.16

Guest speaker, Cliff Picton, took us through the early days of U3A in Australia; the original Steering Committee, the commencement of U3A Melbourne City, U3A Hawthorn and U3A Monash. We were also delighted to welcome Ann Whyte and Jill Thompson, members of that Steering Committee of 1984.

Cliff and President Meg Adams made presentations to long-standing members from our first four years of operation.

Meg announced that, in 2015 as the 30 year celebrations continue, we will be honouring long-serving tutors and volunteers.

U3A Hawthorn was one of the first U3As in Victoria, having been formed in November 1984, with classes commencing Term 1 1985.

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That means this year is our 30 year anniversary
whilst 2015 will see 30 years of providing classes to our members

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